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The City Of Montreal Issues Tornado Warning

Something is seriously wrong with the weather.
The City Of Montreal Issues Tornado Warning

Here's something you don't hear too often in this part of the country. Tornado warnings.

The weather over the weekend has been interesting to say the least.

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Yesterday there was a severe thunderstorm watch, a heat warning in effect and a tornado warning for Quebec and MontrealThe Gazette warned that the wind gusts could toss loose objects, damage buildings and break tree branches, and in more extreme cases, severe thunderstorms and heavy downpours can even produce tornadoes or flooding. 

As if you thought that tornadoes could never hit Montreal, think again. Environment Canada has just lifted a tornado warning for Trois-Riviere, which is a little over an hour away from Montreal. 

Unbelievable storm structure north of Orillia

June 18, 2017

Just be glad you don't live in Ontario, because some areas were hit with the kind of storm you see in the movies. 

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