The City Of Montreal Just Wasted Over $2.5M On Magical Self Cleaning Toilets

These look insane, and a little scary.
The City Of Montreal Just Wasted Over $2.5M On Magical Self Cleaning Toilets

Well, this is conflicting to me.

One of the best things in about living in Montreal has got to be our ever-growing festival season and outdoor events.

But, where there is a lot of people, there is a demand for bathrooms... cause everybody poops. 

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Come on, you know what I'm talking about here.

Any time there is a gathering of people for any event worth your time, it's a safe bet to say a decent chunk of your experience will be had standing in line to hit up the closest, and hopefully cleanest porta potty.

The thing here is that drunk people are gross and messy and once the good times start rolling, the cleanliness of the porta potty goes right down the toilet (pun intended). 

Guys have it much, much better than the ladies do. I mean, how many times have you entered a washroom just to breathe a sigh of relief that you don't have to touch anything other than the door? Or better yet, just run into the bushes and empty the tank to make room for more beer? 

I feel for the ladies who have to put up with filthy public restroom options, or go somewhere nearby, or even hold it - which sucks. 

Many cities around the world are already using these technically advanced toilets that make me think Montreal is finally getting with the times. 

San Francisco and Paris both already have these on the streets. Here's a video of one in Paris. 

The city of Montreal has just spent $2.7M dollars on these magical, self-cleaning porta potty toilets that will start to pop-up around Montreal's busiest downtown areas.

The first five of these magical toilet machine contraptions will open up in May and June, with the remaining 4 expected in September. 

These machines remind me a little bit of the Suicide Machine in an episode of Futurama - which is a little chilling. They look pretty much the same to me. 

They will run the city $300,000 each and will first make their mark at Place Émilie-Gamelin, in Old Montreal and Sun Yat Sen Square, in Chinatown.

Via Futurama

Right? The future is here, guys... and it starts with self-cleaning toilets. 

What do you think happens inside one of these things?.. or worse, what would happen if someone got stuck inside one? An uprising of evil robotic toilets that resent people's crap - literally? 

I think this is a solid step forward for every body's right to relieve themselves, but I'm concerned about how the up-keep will be. 

The toilets will be in service year-round, as the city is currently looking for maintenance companies to look after the needs of these toilets, including snow removal when necessary.


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