The City Of Montreal Perfectly Described By Urban Dictionary

You will find this to be chillingly accurate.
The City Of Montreal Perfectly Described By Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is well known for giving modern time terms the proper definition they deserve. Everybody has used it at least once in their life to know the meaning of weird terms some people use. UD has helped not just a few of us.

Today, Reddit user Canlox pointed out how perfectly accurate the top description of Montreal is on UD and we found it absolutely hilarious.

Take a look below, what do you think?



Montreal is a wonderful city full of action and a great history.

Although Montreal's sucess is fairly recent, the city has been alive for hundreds of years. It's been THE place in Quebec everybody wants to visit.

The action in Montreal is absolutely unbelievable. You could visit Montreal for a few days and feel like you've lived a totally different life while spending your time there.

Probably the only city in the province of Quebec to hold as many subcultures and different lifestyles.

The Arts and Media are highly developed there, too. Fashion and Art shows, great musicians, television shows, comedians.

The Montreal Jazz Festival is probably the city's biggest event of all time. Every year, hundreds(if not thousands) of musicians from all over the world travel to perform, or to watch. It's not just Jazz music, it's always very diverse. I strongly recommand it.

And as for the party times of Montreal, well, y'know the reputation.

Sex drugs and rock n roll.

Don't forget the clubs

Goth, Metal, Punk, House and RnB, They have all the types of clubs.

Drinking age : 18 Years

People drink : In parks.

Cops : Too drunk to notice.

Kid #1 : I just got back from Montreal!

Kid #2 : No wonder your hair is now green

by Urban Dictionary February 25, 2005"

Source - UD & Reddit

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