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The City Of Montreal To Finally Get Water Taxis

Another cool initiative for Montreal's 375th birthday.
The City Of Montreal To Finally Get Water Taxis

Bypassing the gridlock of rush hour would be a breeze if you could just ride the waves of the St. Lawrence home to either end of the island of Montreal. No longer just wishful thinking, water-taxis may soon become a thing in Montreal, thanks to an initiative backed by a major Montreal city official.

Chantal Rouleau, mayor of Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles, is the main municipal push behing this project, believing water-taxis would make the lives of commuters much easier, as she told Le Devoir, halving an hour commute into a mere 30 minutes.

In Rouleau's conception, water-taxis would only take people (no vehicles) and would operate 8-10 months out of the year, bringing folks home via the St. Lawrence river. The STM & AMT would need to get involved in planning + coordination, an idea Roleau says they are "open and interested" in pursuing.

A feasibility study will be conducted by Montreal's head transport official in a couple months, which will analyze the cost-effectiveness of water-taxis and which areas would benefit.

If all goes well, water-taxis could be rolling along the river by 2017, in time for Montreal's 375th birthday, as estimated by Rouleau. No hate against water-taxis, especially if they are proven to save people time during their daily commute, but it seriously feels every new city project is getting a 2017 finishing/introduction date. Lets save some stuff for 2018, or hell, bring it on a year earlier.

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