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Screw a dot-com domain name, we're MTL Blog, and having MTLBlog.mtl is just too good to pass up. Ok, maybe it would be a tad redundant, but either way, we may get the chance to make the switch, as Montreal is currently looking into creating its own city-specific domain name.

The possible installation of .mtl domain names is being headed by Harout Chitilian, Coderre's information technology buff and leader of Montreal's Smart City initiative, who spoke of the city's interest to the Gazette on Tuesday.

Chitilian expressed the Montreal domain name would help the city in two ways. One, in that the city would gain some online publicity, and, potentially of much more interest to the city's administration, Montreal could gain some serious revenue from people/organizations having to buy domain names.

New York City has done the same, a likely inspiration for the .mtl iniative, with the city already selling .nyc domains in collaboration with a private business that sells domain names, like GoDaddy. Over five years, NYC stands to make $3.6 million, a more than modest number to say the least.

Montreal would follow the same path as NYC, with Chitilian stating how the city would similarly partner with a private business who would handle the business, then give parts of the revenue to the city.

Nothing is confirmed, and Montreal can't even register for city-specific domain names until ICANN gives the go-ahead for a new round of registrations, which may happen next year. We'll have to wait a while longer 'til MTLBlog.mtl is a thing then.

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