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The City Of Montreal To Transform Its Empty Alleys Into 5-à-7 Spots

An initiative to make Montreal even more amazing.
The City Of Montreal To Transform Its Empty Alleys Into 5-à-7 Spots

Cover photo cred - Christopher DeWolf

Montreal's urban alleys and side-streets are not living up to their potential. Rather than be barren and scary, the city center's many passages could become a new site for shops, cafes, and bars.

That's what Jérôme Glad of l'Association du design urbain du Québec (ADUQ) would like to see.

Inspired by similar projects seen in Seattle, Brooklyn, and Melbourne, Glad believes Montreal's downtown sidestreets as full of potential. Narrow, and somewhat secluded, with a view of the surrounding urban area, the city's streets could become hubs of activity.

Montreal can always use more bars and restaurants, so why not stick more into unused alleyways? Hitting up a 5-à-7 from work or school would become so much easier (and unavoidable), even if you're taking sidestreet shortcuts.

To get a sense of what Glad is talking about, check out his comparison pictures between Melbourne's transformed and Montreal's untouched alleyways below, along with other streets which could be revitalized.

Montreal vs. Melbourne

Glad's proposed Montreal alleys. How do you think they can be transformed?

Photo Cred - Jérôme Glad

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