The City Of Montreal Will Soon Be Home To An All-New Zombie Apocalypse Movie

Montreal + zombies = movie magic.
The City Of Montreal Will Soon Be Home To An All-New Zombie Apocalypse Movie

Photo cred - Sara H.

Remember when you were a kid and you let your imagination go wild? You'd sit there and think up wild adventures, or plan out what you'd do in outlandish scenarios.

What if one of those scenarios actually happened and all you had to go on was a plan you made when you were a kid?

This is exactly what happens to Jason and Eli, the protagonists of the newest film, 15:01 - Stick To The Plan, produced by Phil Balabanos and set in our favorite city - Montreal.

This is not your typical zombie movie.

This is the story of two zombie fanboys, who spent a lot of their childhood obsessing over zombie flicks and making survival plans, should they ever need them. When an actual, true to life zombie outbreak does happen, Jason and Eli are torn between being thrilled and terrified.

I hope all of you zombie fans out there are getting excited, because in order to make this movie happen, Montreal needs to lend a helping hand. 

The team behind 15:01 has set up an IndieGogo campaign to help make this film happen. Besides the fact that donating to their campaign means we get to watch a super cool movie about every zombie fan's dream/nightmare come true, there are also tons of awesome perks. Everything from t shirts, a zombie kit or even, a professional zombie photo shoot!

Zombies + Montreal? We're hooked!

Check out the IndieGogo campaign and the film's Facebook page.

What's your zombie survival plan?

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