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The City Of Montreal Opens All-New Parkour Gym

The most extreme urban sport in the world.
The City Of Montreal Opens All-New Parkour Gym

Your dream of doing badass and high-flying parkour in Montreal just took one step closer to reality, thanks to The Spot. Parkour in the city's streets is a little too risky (all that concrete doesn't do well with soft skulls) but The Spot, Montreal's "first parkour gym built by Parkour people" will let you experience the rush of intense flips and jumps without any of the danger.

Even if you're not crazy about Parkour, The Spot can still be your new go-to gym. Offering "movement training," The Spot aims to give people of all mobility levels, with varying fitness goals, a space to exercise without the restraints of a regular gym. With ​​5400 square feet of space to use, outfitted with mats, foam structures, and standing bars, The Spot has something for dancers, weightlifters, and (of course) Parkour enthusiasts alike.

The Spot is sits right next to the Lachine Canal, near Place-Saint-Henri metro, but you can take a look inside without moving a muscle through the video below. Thanks to Parkourist Nick Provost for the video.

If you want to re-energize your fitness routine, just want something more fun to do than run on a treadmill, or you're training to be Batman (like myself) then check out The Spot's FB page for more details, and their website, which is currently under construction. Courses and day-only prices are available, so you can bring a friend to check The Spot out for a day, or go for the long term.

Will you be Parkour-ing in Montreal?

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