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The Closest You Can Ever Get To A Wild Animal Is At This Massive Wildlife Park Just 45-Minutes From Montreal

Canada is full of beautiful and majestic wildlife. Seeing as most of us are stuck in a concrete urban jungle for most of the time, we tend to forget this very important fact about our beautiful green country.

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However, just a short drive outside of Montreal and you're almost guaranteed to at least see one fuzzy creature scurrying about.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing an animal in the wild. 

That said, Parc Omega - similar to the well-known Parc Safari - is a wildlife reserve specifically for our furry Canadian friends. And it's located only 45-minutes outside of Montreal in the beautiful Montebello region of Quebec.

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In this massive parc spanning over 2200 acres, you will find all kinds of native wild animals, including bears, deer, foxes, wolves, and more. Drive through the site in your car and get really close to them without any danger.

You can also spend the night on the site at some of their charming and rustic cabins. Perfect for that Canadian nature experience. Don't worry, there are places to eat and drink on site. Basically, everything you need is right there. 

Via parcomega

Parc Omega is open all year long and they have all kinds of seasonal events and activities planned for your group.  Check out their official site for all the activities you can expect on site.  

If you're looking for something different to do with your family or you want to share a unique experience with a loved-one, Parc Omega just might be the place to visit this summer.

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For more info on Parc Omega, click HERE!

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