The Complete Evolution Of Montreal's Metro System

Photo cred - STM

The STM can take you all around Montreal, but it wasn't as expansive as it is now as it was back in the 1960s.

As a recently released collection of images by the STM shows, the metro has come a long way from its humble beginning in 1966. It started with only the Orange and Green lines. In 1967, the Yellow line was added, and 1986 saw the construction of the Blue line.

As you can see below, it grew over time into the behemoth of public transportation that it is today.

Phase 1: October 14th 1966, Inauguration of the first 20 metro stations from Atwater to Papineau (except for Beaudry) & Henri-Bourassa to Place-d'Armes.

Phase 2: December 19th 1966, the opening of Frontenac.

Phase 3: December 21st 1966, the opening of Beaudry.

Phase 4: February 6th 1967, the opening of Square-Victoria.

Phase 5: February 13th 1967, the opening of Bonaventure.

Phase 6: March 31st 1967, the inauguration of the yellow line.

Phase 7: July 4th 1976, the inauguration of Préfontaine to Honoré-Beaugrand.

Phase 8: September 3rd 1978, the inauguration of Lionel-Groulx to Angrignon.

Phase 9: April 28th 1980, the inauguration of Lucien-L'Allier to Place-Saint-Henri.

Phase 10: September 9th 1981, the inauguration of Vendôme to Snowdon.

Phase 11: January 4th 1982, the opening of Côte-Sainte-Catherine.

Phase 12: June 30th 1982, the opening of Plamondon.

Phase 13: January 9th 1984, the inauguration of Namur to du Collège

Phase 14: June 11th 1986, the inauguration of Saint-Michel to De Castelnau.

Phase 15: October 24th 1986, the inauguration of Côte-Vertu.

Phase 16: June 9th 1987, the inauguration of Parc.

Phase 17: January 5th 1988, the inauguration of Outremont to Snowdon.

Phase 18: March 28th 1988, the opening of Acadie.

Phase 19: April 26th 2007, the opening of Cartier to Montmorency.


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