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The Complete FRIENDS Box Set Is Now Available In Canada For 66% Off

Never worry about feeding your FRIENDS cravings again.
The Complete FRIENDS Box Set Is Now Available In Canada For 66% Off

Are you one of those people that is super depressed because Netflix is removing FRIENDS by 2020? I literally don't know what I'll do on my hangover Sundays if I don't have Chandler's gentle sarcasm to get me through the suffering.

Well, luckily we don't need to rely on Netflix to fill our FRIENDS needs anymore, because Amazon is currently selling all 10 seasons for $67.89.

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TL;DR Amazon is now selling the complete series of FRIENDS on Blu-ray for only $67.

Via Netflix Canada

THAT'S RIGHT! The regular price for the collection is $200 which means you're getting a 66% discount for the Blu-ray set.

They've also got a DVD set that is only $88. So whatever console you've got, Amazon has got you covered.

The boxset includes all ten seasons of the show, which means you get 21 discs of FRIENDS goodness.

Via Netflix Canada

Did you know that the entirety of the show makes up 300 MINUTES of Central Perk, matching Lay-z-Boys, and ugly naked guy.

Take your pick of a Blu-ray or DVD sethere at If you've already got a Prime account you don't even have to stress about shipping.

Just don't hold your breath when it comes to delivery, since we all know Canada Post is still severely backlogged due to the recently-finished strike.

Via Netflix Canada

Now you won't even need Netflix to get your FRIENDS fix.

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