The Complete List Of All Montreal’s Food Trucks For Spring/Summer 2015

The wait is over friends.
The Complete List Of All Montreal’s Food Trucks For Spring/Summer 2015

The list is out kiddies! Montreal's beloved Food Truck Festival has finally released their 2015 line up. A whopping 35 trucks will be joining this year's variety of street cuisine we all know and love. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the festival, click on over here!

1. Cuisine Authentique Polonaise 

Get ready to fill your tummy with pierogi (the right way to spell 'perogies')!

2. Decca 77

Enjoy french cuisine at its finest.

3. Duck Truck MTL

Self explanatory.

4. La Cantine Libanaise

La Cantine takes middle eastern food to a fresh new level.

5. Le Nice Truck

Yummy and comforting.

6. L'EXPRESS mobile

Turning classic meals on their head.

7. Queen B 


8. Traiteur Guru

These dudes make Indian food taste oh so cool.

9. Alexis Le Gourmand

Their meatballs are absolutely to die for!

10. Boite a Fromage

Who doesn't love cheese on the go yo?

11. Cafe mobile Dispatch

Everyone's favourite coffee.

12. Camion Au Pied de Cochon

Foie Gras poutine done right!

13. Crepe-moi!

Crepe please.

14. DAS Truck

Burgers on burgers on burgers on burgers.

15. Dim Sum Montreal

More like dim YUM. Am I right?

16. Gaufrabec

Too good to be true.

17. Grumman '78

They use the tortilla as a canvas. Taco bout' a masterpiece.

18. Landry & filles

If you're lookin' for some good fried chicken, these guys have got you covered.

19. L'Assommoir mobile

Doin' pub food the classy way.

20. La Sandwicherie Zoe's

Once you taste one of these bad boys you'll never go back.

21. La Panthere mobile

Keeping things green and delicious.

22. Le Cheese Truck

You had me at cheese.

23. Le Quai Roulant

Om to the nom.

24. Le Point Sans G

Sweet on both the inside and out.

25. Le Supertruck

They live up to their name.

26. Le Tuktuk

They'll teach you what thai express REALLY is.

27. Lucille's

Oysters? Oysters.

28. Lucky's Truck

They bring street food to an incomparable level.

29. Nomade So6

Best pulled pork EVER.

30. Pas D'Cochon Dans Mon Salon

BBQ me please.

31. P.A. And Gargantua

My favourite grilled cheese in the city.

32. Pheonix 1

No doubt, this truck will make you fat.

33. Pizza No. 900

Pizza. Need I say more?

34. O Soeurs Volantes

Two sisters with some great taste.

35. Route 27

Tartare on the go.

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