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The 'Cooler Cannon' Will Make You Want To Drink Beer Everyday

Being lazy and drinking on a whole new level.
The 'Cooler Cannon' Will Make You Want To Drink Beer Everyday

Whats the worst part about having a beer when you're sitting down and watching the game? Getting up to get a new can when you're finished with the one in your hand, of course. Those days are over lazy drinkers, for the Cooler Cannon has come. A simple machine featuring a remote controlled lever and spring, the Cooler Cannon will keep your beers cold and launch them to you with the click of a button. Check out the beauty of the Cooler Cannon in action through the video below

The Cooler Cannon is aimed towards sports fans, but anyone can enjoy the ease it offers in getting wasted. You'll never have to get up to get a beer/canned alcoholic beverage again. Some pretty high-action drinking games could come from this badboy too. Like a fast paced version of this:

For more info on the Cooler Cannon, check out the official website and help raise funds for wide release at the official kickstarter.

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