The Craziest Outfits People Wore At Montreal's ÎleSoniq

Who do you think came best dressed?
The Craziest Outfits People Wore At Montreal's ÎleSoniq

This past weekend Parc Jean-Drapeau was transformed into a city oasis of electronica, dance and hip hop music for the ÎleSoniq music festival. Some of the best performers in the world showed up to the event, and even if you didn't go yourself you probably already know how much partying went on there.

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In case you did miss the event, besides the obvious presence of artists performing music all day long, you could also find amazing activities and games, art installations around the festival grounds and mouthwatering food from multiple food trucks scattered around the park.

For those that did attend, your daily outfit was of upmost importance. What you were wearing basically determined what kind of festival-goer you are, how ready you are to dance and party for hours on end, and if you were lucky your outfit was so amazing it got tons of attention and praise. Seriously, people sometimes spend hours deciding what to wear, so needless to say some of the outfits at ÎleSoniq became pretty intense.

That's why it's only necessary to make a list of the most amazing, unique and crazy outfits that people wore at the festival:

Rave girls.

Galaxy guy.

"Out of this world."

"It's called a green screen, Morty."

@christopherdellaroccaembedded via  

Party like animals.

Hipster ballerina.

Talk about tie-dye. 

Pepsi over coke any day.

At least he didn't go bra-less.

Ice Queen.

Where's Waldo?

Festivals really are where everyone gets along.

@petraaspgrenembedded via  

I guess you really do become an animal at raves.

Nothing like a couple unicorns to make a festival magical.

@j.davidbouchembedded via  

So many animals at this festival it's starting to look like a zoo!

Let us know what outfit you think is the craziest!

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