The Crazy Story About How Montreal Almost Built Its Very Own Disneyland

This really almost happened. 

The vacant Place Marc-Aurele Fortin shopping center in Rivière-des-Prairies baffled city officials for decades.

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The area along the northern stretch of river, far from any bridges and economic center, became a quagmire for municipal planners in the 1980s.

The city bought the unfinished mega-mall and scrambled to find a buyer.

One prospective buyer wanted to use the site to consruct a huge, indoor disney-like amusement park and then-mayor Bouque's administration lept at the idea.

But the administration made moves on the buy before collecting opinions from locals and, more damningly, befor the city Council gave its approval.

The deal imploded and the city would wait years for an appropriate buyer.

A real estate developer finally bought the land at half the price the city sought to sell. The developer later flipped the plot for over eight million dollars.

Our Disneyland dreams died, leaving Montreal residents to await future possibilities for Canada's first amusement park from the corporate behemoth.

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