The "Creation Poutine" Is The One Dish Montreal Needs So Fvcking Badly

A surefire way to up the city’s food game.
The "Creation Poutine" Is The One Dish Montreal Needs So Fvcking Badly

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One of the finest sandwiches the city has to offer can’t be found on a menu: it’s Boustan’s famous “Creation.”

If you’ve ever been drunk on Crescent (all of you), you’ve probably spent some quality time at this Lebanese fast food joint. It’s open late, serves cheap grub, and is considered by many (myself included) to be the best shish taouk in Montreal.

Though their regular shish taouk is undeniably delicious, one has to ask specifically to find the most delicious item on their menu. As you may have guessed by now, that title belongs to the Creation.

Thanks in large part to the evangelizing of a few enthusiastic supporters, the Creation is hardly a secret at this point. Still, I’m always shocked when someone standing next to me on the line to get one sees my order being filled and asks me about what I’m getting. Accordingly, I’ll take some time to explain what exactly goes into making it so glorious.

The Creation starts out the same as the basic shish taouk. But, not content to have the sandwich simply be the finest of its kind, the evil geniuses at Boustan add eggplant, coleslaw, and potatoes, leading to a one-of-a-kind Montreal invention to which all other sandwiches bow down.

The last ingredient holds the key to making this already tasty treat into a dish that would surely take over the city. As it stands, on top of having the potatoes in the pita, you can order a trio with a side dish of them. While these tiny spuds are pure morsels of goodness on their own, Boustan makes them into a heavenly indulgence by topping them with a hefty heap of the creamiest, garlic-iest, and yummiest sauce you could possibly imagine.

As solid as the food situation is at Boustan right now, the restaurant is missing out on a golden opportunity by splitting up the Creation and the potatoes. Here’s my pitch:

Start out with the same delicious potatoes that the city’s come to know and love. Then, rather than cop out by limiting the dish to just having garlic sauce on top, you add gravy and cheese curds, making a unique poutine that the city would surely welcome.

As good as this would be, I see no reason for Boustan to stop there. To make this dish into a truly revolutionary culinary experience, all they'd need to do is dump the chicken, eggplant, and coleslaw from the Creation on top of it. To complete the masterpiece, they’d just need to top it with a healthy serving of the garlic sauce.

There you have it. Boustan is sitting on a gourmet goldmine that would undoubtedly take the city by storm, and they don’t seem to realize it. On top of being a revolutionary plate on its own, the dish would have the added bonus of advertising the wonder of the world that is the Creation and ensuring that the sad few Montrealers left who aren’t aware of it would have their eyes opened.

I want to see a Creation poutine, Boustan. You guys won’t regret it.