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The Creepiest 2018 Beauty Trends In Canada That Will Give You Nightmares

Corkscrew nails, garden eyebrows and insect eyes
The Creepiest 2018 Beauty Trends In Canada That Will Give You Nightmares

Every year there are trends – fashion, food, drinks, and of course makeup/beauty. When it comes to beauty, there are trends that are here to stay, like big bold red lips, pink hair, and the "no makeup" makeup look.

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TL;DR Some trends come and go, and some are here to stay. Here are the trends from 2018 that should just disappear.

Sometimes trends can be a little more "out there," though. Take for instance some recent fashion trends like biker shorts, holes in t-shirts, and "see-thru" shoes and bags. These trends rise quickly but are inevitably replaced by the next big thing.

When it comes to weird makeup trends, there are some pretty wacky ones out there.

We've rounded up a list of all the weird beauty trends of 2018 and are hoping they die quickly!

10. Corkscrew Nails

Long nails have been in vogue for awhile now, with various "tips" – rounded, squared off, and even pointy. But this one is taking it to the extreme! These "corkscrew" fingernails would make it impossible to anything! Imagine trying to type or drive with these hanging from your fingers?!

9. Fishtail Eyebrows

There are usually only two ways to style eyebrows (that I was aware of at least): thin or thick. Usually aestheticians shape your eyebrows based on their natural arches. This trend however, is about transforming your eyebrows completely, almost making them look like two horns above your eyes! Props to anyone that can pull these off!

@d1n0rahembedded via

8. Teeth Nails

Ok this trend is almost too creepy! I'm not sure why you'd want to look at teeth, unless you're a dentist, and even then, they are in your mouth not outside your body, like on your nails. On the bright side, at least these teeth are white!

7. Yellow Eyelids

Now that it's fall, we're seeing foliage colours everywhere – red, orange, green and even yellow. I'm a fan of yellow (more like "mustard") on my clothing but not necessarily on my eyes. I feel like no matter how dark the colour is, it just looks like someone took a highlighter to your eyelids.

6. Garden Eyebrows

Sure it's cool to get inspiration from mother nature. Flowers in your hair and on your clothes have become the norm, but flowers on your eyebrows?! I really hope this trend gets weeded out.

5. Brush Nails

There are plenty of nail trends going around this year – neon, gold, and special various effects. As you've already seen there are some truly odd ones: corkscrew, teeth, and now hairbrush nails. Now your nails can work overtime by combing your hair!

4. Insect Eyes

Sure a bold cat-eye is great, but now people are taking it a step further by making their eye makeup look like insects. I don't know about you, but that's the last place I want to see a bug.

@nikkii_makeupembedded via

3. Holographic Lips

Along with the weird "see-thru" clothing and accessory trend, now we have trends that look like they're from the future. Introducing holographic lips – sparkly, shiny and definitely sticky. They are out-of-this-world and should stay there.

2. Glitter Everywhere

Sometimes when I go out, I add some glitter to my eyelids. But then I realize how big of a mistake it is after I come home and have glitter EVERYWHERE. The newest trend is adding glitter to your body – all over! Can you imagine how much glitter you find everywhere in your house?! I'm going to skip this one.

1. Hanacure Mask

Ok I saved the best for last! While usually makeup and beauty trends at least an attempt to make you look better, but this trend does the complete opposite! A facial mask that actually ages you in a few minutes (this would be a great prank to play on someone). After you're done with the mask it's supposed to reveal younger, tighter skin. I wouldn't want to petrify anyone.

@jenn_witha_jembedded via

How many of these beauty trends are you willing to try?

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