The Creepiest Apartment In Montreal

What the fvck is up with that doll head!
The Creepiest Apartment In Montreal

There is a Tumblr blog called Fuck No, Montreal that is notorious for finding unusual people and places around the city. On Friday (April 25th) they posted an ad for the worst apartment in Montreal. They weren't kidding, but "worst" isn't the right word to describe this seemingly abandoned, nightmarish, piece of shit apartment.

Yes it's in terrible shape; the paint is peeling, the walls are literally crumbling, there are holes everywhere including the ceiling, but the most disturbing part is that someone actually lives there. You can tell by all those neatly organized products and appliances surrounding the kitchen sink, which we can only assume is also the bathroom sink, and the shower ... and the toilet.

Forget that, I take it back. That wasn't the most disturbing part. That honor is reserved for the mysterious doll-head/prison shank which has been generously included in the photo montage. Is is too much to assume that it's an actual human shrunken head? Maybe it was the renter's roommate and kept paying his half of the rent late, so the renter had no choice but to put a voodoo curse on him.

There's a lesson here somewhere...

Photo cred - fucknomontreal

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