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The Croissant Loaf Is The Next Best Thing And Must Be Eaten

The Croissant Loaf Is The Next Best Thing And Must Be Eaten

Friends, prepare yourselves for a breakfast revolution, because croissants are at it again. Moving on from the union that brought cronuts, croissants have found a new baking partner. Feast your eyes upon the epic love child between loaf bread and croissants: it is the croissant loaf!

No longer must you struggle with the delicate process of cutting a croissant in half, or be left wanting more flaky goodness. Done are the days of compromising a light and tender croissant for the ease and convenience of sliced bread. For now the two are joined together in culinary harmony to bring you the ultimate breakfast option.

Fusing the process of croissant making into a loaf format, the croissant loaf is made by layering croissant dough into a loaf pan and then baked. The end result is a giant croissant that is as easy to slice as a loaf of bread and just as delicious as the classic French pastry. So simple, so delicious, and so needs to be in my hands right now, smeared with butter and jelly of course.

For those looking to make their own croissant loaf, check out the surprisingly easy process here. All other baking-challenged folks: whip out your phones and start making demands to your local bakery, because the croissant loaf is something I never knew existed, but instantly cannot live without.

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