The Cronut Burger Is The Next Food Evolution In Sweet With Meat

Move over Ramen Burger, the cronut is back to take over the top food trend spot. Thanks to a Toronto pastry shop the cronut has been remade as a savoury creation with a beef patty and bacon. It is the Cronut Burger.

Toronto-based Le Dolci, working with Epic Burgers and Waffles are the genuises behind this sweet and savoury concoction. Known as a Maple Bacon Jam “Cronut” Inspired Burger, or the Do-Cro Burger, this hot new food item is essentially just a cheeseburger with a cronut for a bun. Sounds simple, simply delicious that is.

While reviews of the Do-Cro Burger have been mixed, you can't deny the allure of a burger joined together with a sweet and flaky pastry bun. The Do-Cro looks to be a lighter version of Paula Deen's infamous breakfast sandwich (2 glazed donuts with beef and egg), but with a flavour and texture all its own. Doused with maple bacon jam, the Do-Cro needs to be eaten, even if it doesn't live up to the hype.

With MTL Burger Week coming up on the first week of September, will we see one of our local burger joints riding the cronut wave and competing with their own Cronut Burger? I sure as hell hope so.