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The Cutest Dogs Of Montreal

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The Cutest Dogs Of Montreal

I say it all the time: Montreal has some of the most beautiful people in the world. But do you know what else Montreal has? Some of the most cutest dogs in the world, too. I don't know if there's something in the air, but for some reason, our canine friends tend to consistently be among the most adorable in the whole entire world. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Also a personal bias, probably. But you'll be singing the same tune really soon, my friends. Behold: 15 Of The Most Adorable Montreal Dogs.

A photo posted by Syrah ? (@syrahbae) on


An adorable fluff ball? An adorable fluff ball.

A photo posted by __TheOriginalCoco (@__theoriginalcoco) on


So tiny, so fluffy, so cute.

A photo posted by @chelsea_dachshund on


Is there anything cuter than this dachshund? Absolutely not.

A photo posted by Milo The Pom (@littlestmilo) on


Is this cutie a teddy bear or a dog?

A photo posted by Sarah Haberl (@maidinheights) on


That stoic look won't distract us from the fact that you're actually adorable, dog friend.

A photo posted by A Perfect Day for ?? (@bananafishies) on


Reppin Montreal. Being adorable. You know, just a day in the life.

A photo posted by Doghaus Montreal (@doghausmtl) on


Tiny cutie in a tiny sweater? I can't deal.

A photo posted by Mido Mk ( Mohamed Elkifafi ) (@midoolee) on


That face! Those ears! Those eyes! Too much cuteness in one photo.

A photo posted by Lexi (@lexi_the_doodle1) on


*Insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here*

A photo posted by Manpreet Kooner (@mkooner43) on


Sippin wine, enjoying life, being cute. What more could you possibly want?

A photo posted by @shana_hadja_mtlboxers on


Double the cuteness? I can't even handle how adorable one of these cuties are!

A photo posted by •M Canin• Marie-Michèle (@mademoisellecanin) on


Look at this dog, being adorable, living its life. #Respect.

A photo posted by Jim Morin (@mr_diplomate) on


Look at those adorable skin folds!

A photo posted by Formule Raw Montreal (@formuleraw) on


The only thing better than frolicking through a field? Frolicking through a field with this cutie.

A photo posted by Barack BuggDog Ouellet (@baracklechien) on


This cutie over here, chillin' by the water and basking in the sun.