The Dating Profiles Of Every Montreal Man

Different men come from different parts of the city.
The Dating Profiles Of Every Montreal Man

With Valentine's Day around the corner, many of us are wondering how we can snatch a last minute boyfriend. More specifically, many often ask where they can pick up a guy. Bars, libraries and coffee shops make great options. But what if someone was looking for a very particular type of man. While some are attracted to ultra hipsters and other prefer the tanned juice head, Montreal is filled with all different kinds of personalities. Living in such a "salad bowl" metropolitan doesn't only mean coming across different cultures, it also means meeting tons of different types of men. Certain characters come from different parts of this ever evolving city. More specifically, different types of eligible bachelors can be found in different spots around this city.

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Mile End/ Upper Plateau

Age of Eligible Bachelors: 25- 35, aging hipster

Occupation: Freelancer, artist, working on his novel of memoirs, managing Sala Rosa, or working as the owner of an underground private music label

Hobbies: Biking, talking about biking, talking about gender norms, and things you've never heard of

Looking For:Someone who's willing to hold his hand and support him through his artistic journey. The Mile End dude is looking for someone that's down to stroke his beard and lie in his bed. This guy's keen on keeping his love life on the down low. He'll call you his 'partner', because calling you his 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' is simply too mainstream.


Age of Eligible Bachelors: 18-30

Occupation: Student or college drop out, working as a bag boy at the local grocery store

Hobbies: Skateboarding, smoking weed, playing video games and wearing snap backs

Looking For: Someone that will answer his text messages at 2 o'clock in the morning and show up for a sleepover when he gets home from the wild house party down the street. The young N.D.G guy is simply looking for someone that will drink forties and roll blunts with him as they play Grand Theft Auto. If this guy's looking for something serious, he's probably above the age of 28 and has just moved to the area in order to get away from the downtown shenanigans. In that case, he's on the hunt for someone who will join him in sipping on a pint at Ye Old Orchard, followed by watching a Habs game at Next Door Pub or playing trivia on a Tuesday night at Honey Martin's.

North Shore (Laval)

Age of Eligible Bachelors: 18-30

Hobbies: Working out, taking selfies at the gym and partying at Moomba's

Looking For: A big booty babe that will feed him protein shakes and shop with him at Carrefour Laval. He's also looking for someone that can get turnt up in the club, but that can pull him/herself together and enjoy a conservative dinner at his parents' house. The Laval guy just wants to feed you shots at Fuzzy Bar and hold you close in his arms.


Age of Eligible Bachelors: 25-35

Occupation: Young entrepreneur or an employee at some trendy marketing firm

Hobbies: Wine tasting, fine dining and dressing to impress

Looking For: A classy lady that will move into his bachelor pad on a part time basis. Someone who's cool with having her own drawer and a toothbrush at his place but still has her own apartment for 'just in case' situations. The Griffintown man is looking for someone that is goal oriented and hard working, like him. This guy also wants someone who's not afraid of trying new things, as he'll want to treat her to a new specialty restaurant like La Trattoria or Le Richmond on a weekly basis.

Lower Plateau

Age of Eligible Bachelors: 18-28

Occupation:Concordia/ McGill student, musician and dish washer or bar back

Hobbies: Attending concerts, strumming his guitar, busking and hanging out at sleezy parties at 1601 St Laurent

Looking For: Someone that will watch documentaries with him, snuggle after sex and support him at all of his shows. Before serenading you to sleep with his guitar, the Plateau guy wants to participate in a night of debauchery with you and his crew as you make your rounds past Blue Dog and Blizzarts.

The West Island

Age of Eligible Bachelors:Varies

Occupation: The West Island is like a city on its own. If he's between the ages of 18 and 25, he's living with his parents, studying and working part time at Best Buy, IGA or some store at Fairview Mall. If he's under the age of 30, single and living in the West Island then he's probably taking advantage of the cheap rent and commuting to his job in the city every day. If he's unemployed and living out west, you probably don't want to know him.

Hobbies: Participating in rap battles with his friends, playing ice hockey on a local West Island team and playing beer pong in his buddy's basement.

Looking For: Someone that lives in the West Island, because dating someone who lives all the way in the city would be far too complicated and timely. A guy who grew up in the West Island is close to his hood's crew, so it's important for him that his buddies approve of his new fling. A West Island guy wants a girl that will socialize with his boys at Manoir on a Friday night and later spoon him to sleep.

The McGill Ghetto

Age of Eligible Bachelors: 18-23

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Hitting up keggers, discovering new coffee shops for studying purposes, partying on Saint- Laurent and pre- gaming at his place before dancing up a storm at Tokyo Thursday's.

Looking For: Someone that's just like him. If he's a student at McGill, and living a block away from it, he's clearly very keen on his studies. Likewise, his partner needs to be serious about his/ her education. Living here means meeting a ton of fresh faces every year as students come and go. The McGill Ghetto cutie is looking for just that, someone new and exciting.

The South Shore

Age of Eligible Bachelors:18-30

Occupation:Works at Future Shop or Costco with his buddies

Hobbies:Eating at Benny's, listening to rap legend, Roi Heenok, flirting with underage girls for the heck of it and playing ice hockey

Looking For: Someone that will drive him to "Jeudis Empire" night at Rack n' Roll and support him as he gets plastered. The South Shore guy is also interested in a girl that will join him for his lunch break at Costco as they munch on steamies and poutine. This guy insists that his partner hold his hand through his PlayStation addiction.

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