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The Deadly Summer Heatwaves In Quebec Are Causing Animals To Die In Massive Numbers

We aren't the only ones that can't handle the heat.
The Deadly Summer Heatwaves In Quebec Are Causing Animals To Die In Massive Numbers

It's not a surprise when you find out that this July was the hottest recorded in Quebec in almost 100 years. Temperatures often soared well into the high 30's and on some occasions even passed that to reach a type of heat you didn't even think was possible.

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Due to all of the heatwaves over the month, many Quebec residents lost their lives. We can be certain of at least 70 people across the province succumbing to the heat, but it's not only us that were unable to withstand the temperatures July was bringing.

Classified as a historic crisis, a byproduct reclamation company in Quebec has received well over 1.2 million kilograms more animal carcass in July than they ever had before. The only explanation for this sudden misfortune is the deathly heat.

The animals that have it worst off are pigs. Farmers are doing their best to keep the animals protected from the heat until it officially passes, but it's just not working. The exact number of animal deaths this Summer is unknown, but it's enough that Quebec farmers are questioning whether their business will even make it through the season.

The reason why pigs are so much more at risk during heatwaves is because they regulate their body temperature horribly. With not only rising temperatures but also unbelievable humidity, the pigs don't even stand a chance. During a heatwave the animals will also refuse to eat while increasing their water intake, which causes nutritional deficiencies and weakness.

Not only is this an economic disaster for Quebec's farming industry, but you have to feel awful for the pigs that are stuck dealing with 30+ degree weather and no way to escape it.

Luckily, the temperatures for August are supposed to be much more mild, so we can only hope people and animals alike can recover from the insanity this Summer weather has been so far.


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