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The Different Types Of Montreal Metro Users That Always Ruin Your Day

You have probably dealt with all of them.
The Different Types Of Montreal Metro Users That Always Ruin Your Day

We've all been there, getting on the metro just in time in on your way to work. Just when you think everything is fine you end up with the misfortune of having someone in the same car as you that is, well, less than pleasant to deal with. Day is officially ruined. 

There are quite a few types of people we all see during our commutes, and maybe if we take the chance to call them all out they might end up trying to make everyone's time on public transit a little bit easier. Either way, at least we can all relate on some level when it comes to our commute.

1. The Seat Stealer

This one is probably the most common. There's an overly-crowded metro car and basically every seat is taken.. except one. The only problem is that seat is still unavailable because the person next to it has something propped on the seat so no one can sit next to them. Just let us sit down!

Via Spotted: STM

2. The Unsanitary Commuters

You know if you get onto the same metro car as one of these people, you're in trouble. They're the people that have no concern for germs or other people on the metro, and will be having the worst flu you've ever seen all the while sneezing coughing right into the shared air.

3. The "Homebody"

This commuter acts like the metro car you're on is their new home. They'll place their items all over the place, talk super loudly on the phone or slurp down the noisiest food you've ever heard, and get super "relaxed" during their 10-minute travel time.

Via Spotted: STM

4. The "Bouncers"

I call them bouncers because these people are ALWAYS standing in front of the door, super hesitant to move to either let you in or out. These people can seem harmless, but they can always make some people miss getting off at their stop simply because they don't want to step out of the way for a few seconds. When you ask them if they could politely move, you usually get a unappreciated side-eye in return.

5. The Group of Unsupervised Children

How did they even get here?! It's always a bunch of kids crowded in one area of the metro car, usually shouting over each other and making you seriously question where their parents are. They usually end up being city kids that have had their very own metro pass since they were in diapers, but you still hope their parent is just around the corner about to show up.

6. The Wasted Commuter

You see this people taking the metro on weekend nights, and it probably makes you question whether or not you should've just ordered an Uber. They've just left a bar and they're obviously drunk. Your experience with them can go a few different ways: they can be the friendly drunk, the loud drunk that sings for 10 minutes straight, the aggressive drunk (you really don't want to be around them), or the drunk that doesn't know what their limit is (photo).

Via Spotted: STM

7. The Tourists

You can't really blame these people, but it's still pretty annoying to sit across from them early in the morning and have to cringe while they loudly shout out street names (pronounciation usually butchered) and huddle over the biggest and most outdated paper map you've ever seen. Most importantly, you never want to get stuck behind them when you need to buy a metropass, since then you might as well start reading a book while they attempt to figure out the whole system.


There are some metro users that can be the highlight of your day. Sometimes performing an amazing show while you wait in the station, or it could be a hilarious conversation you overhear during your commute. Whatever it is, there are occasions that do give you some hope in the STM.

Via Spotted: STM

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