The DO's And DON'Ts Of Sending D!ck Pics

Everything you need to know before pressing 'SEND'.
The DO's And DON'Ts Of Sending D!ck Pics

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid sending dick pics all together. There is nothing attractive about them, nor sexy. Sorry, not sorry. Ask any girl you know, she's most probably going to tell you that she's not about that life.

If you absolutely feel compelled to send your private parts to a girl you just met or even to your long-term girlfriend, then here is a list of things you should consider before tapping the dreaded "Send" button.

1. DO: Send a dick pic if she asks for it

If your girl actually asks you for a dick pic, then it's your moment to shine, baby. Go for it! Send her the best dick pic you've got.

DON'T: Send her a dick pic if she doesn't ask for it

It's really simple. If she doesn't ask for it, you don't send her your private parts.

2. DO: Send her dick pics after at least 7pm

Dick pics work best after the sun goes down. Apparently, most girls feel at their sexiest in the second part of the day... that's when you strike.

DON'T: Send her a dick pic in the morning

Your sausage is not something she wants to see first thing in the morning. Send her a photo of a cute puppy instead or something.

3. DO: Send her a dick pic with a warning

Say something like, "Babe, he misses you" or something... so she expects the obvious.

DON'T: Surprise her with a dick pic

Do NOT send her a photo of your best friend while you're casually discussing life.

4. DO: Send her something visually appealing

If you do end up sending her a photo, make sure it looks good at least. Ask your buddies for a second opinion before sending it out to the opposite sex.

DON'T: Send anything unappealing

Dirty sheets or gross nails in the background are a major NO-NO! Every detail counts, so be careful.

5. DO: Send her one dick pic

One pic is more than enough to get your point across.

DON'T: Send her dick pics all day every day

No. Please, don't. It's not as pretty as you think it is.

6. DO: Send her a realistic photo

Don't use filters or enhancements of any kind.

DON'T: Send a photoshopped pic

Do not retouch the pic! You don't want to send anything misleading size wise.

7. DO: Make sure you know each other for at least a week

You don't want to send baby-maker photos to a complete stranger. Make sure you've established a certain level of trust.

DON'T: Send a dick pic to a girl you just met

It will freak her out and your chances of hooking up will significantly decrease.

8. DO: Expect to receive no comments

Most girls will make no comments about your photo because they didn't really want it in the first place.

DON'T: Ask her to comment on your pic

Avoid things like, "you like it?" or "is this the prettiest thing you've ever seen in your life?".

9. DO: Crop parts that don't look good

For example, if your angle isn't particularly flattering - crop out your beer belly or something.

DON'T: Send pics taken from the wrong angle

Bad angles are bad on regular photos... bad angles on dick pics are your worst enemy. Remember this, it's your new mantra.

10. DO: Send her a photo of your six pack

It's so much hotter. A fit body is your best friend.

DON'T: Send her a dick pic

Just don't, okay? Thanks.

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