11 Do's & Don'ts You Need To Follow For An Epic Igloofest Experience

Your Igloofest 2015 survival guide.
11 Do's & Don'ts You Need To Follow For An Epic Igloofest Experience

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Igloofest is back tonight to rock your socks on the docks of the Old Port, and we'll all collectively give the middle finger to old Jack Frost by dancing the whole night away. While Montrealers are no stranger to surviving winter's icy grasp, partying outside for several hours when it's -20 there are few things to keep in mind. So to make sure your Igloofest experience is as awesomely awesome as humanly possible, here are the Do's & Don'ts to remember before heading out.

Do get your tickets in advance

Waiting in a line-up sucks, especially when it’s outside in the freezing cold. Buy your tickets in advance to not only avoid waiting, but also guarantee yourself a spot inside as the event can and will sell out. Either buy them online or at one of these designated locations.

Do find yourself a crazy-ass costume

Stand out from the crowd by dressing up and rocking a funk-tacular costume. The most popular choice is a colourful vintage onsie, and if yours is awesome enough, you could even win a sweet prize thanks to Sapporo’s One-Piece Contest.

Do dress warmly

The best way to embrace the cold is to stay on top of it and that means staying warm. That includes, but certainly not limited to, water-proof boots, thick socks, long johns, gloves, and anything else to make sure you are keeping warm while heating up the dance floor. Also, hot pads everywhere.

Do set a meeting spot so you don’t lose your friends

You’re gonna be drinking, and dancing, and mingling, and the last thing you want is to find yourself alone without your friends. One way to avoid this is figuring out a designated spot to meet-up with everyone at the end of the night.

Do download the Igloofest App

For a complete schedule of programming, links to music, practical information, a puzzle and even the weather, the Igloofest App has got you covered.

Do bring a flask of your favourite warming juice and a spliff for the road

Arriving to any party a little toasty is always recommended. Just make sure you finish by the time you get to the entrance because pissing off the bouncer is definitely not recommended.

Do bring cash

Alcohol is sold on site so if you plan on buying dranks, having cash just makes things easier.

Do pick up an official Igloofest Tuque

Not only will it keep your head warm, they are pretty damn stylish and legitimate Montreal memorabilia. Pick it up beforehand at the Igloo Boutique located at 4523 rue Saint-Denis open 'til 8pm, or on site at the festival.

Don’t pee in public

Yes, you are partying in the great outdoors, and while writing your name in the snow is most satisfying, it’s not cute. There are plenty of bathrooms, use them.

Don’t puke in the crowd

Puke happens to the best of us, but try not do it in the middle of the crowd. It smells and it’s gross.

Don’t rush to the front

Be a good neighbour and don’t push and shove your way through the crowd, it’s not a mosh pit. If you want to go crowd surfing, just make sure you know what you’re doing, because the ground is cold, it's wet, and most unforgiving.

Oh, and stay away from this guy.

Igloofest is undoubtedly the city’s world's best winter party. The ultimate goal is to have a good time, so stay safe, stay warm, make some new friends and have an absolute blast Montreal!

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