The "Double Down Hot Dog" Is The Heart Attack We Want To Eat During Montreal's Steamy Week

Photo cred - Kixnakamura

Remember when KFC unveiled their new innovation in the world of hamburgers with their "Double Down," which was just a hamburger with fried chicken for buns? Yes, so do we, because the mixed feeling of utter disgust and "omg I need that in my mouth" is hard to forget. Get ready to relive the experience with the release of the "Double Down Dog."

Throwing any sense of morality to the wind, KFC is clogging arteries once again with a hot dog encased in a "bun" of fried chicken, dubbed the Double Down Dog. Thankfully/unfortunately, the Double Down Dog is only available in the Philippines, meaning getting your mouth on one will mean taking a lengthy trip.

Hilarious fact: KFC resto's in the Philippines can only sell 50 Double Down Dogs a day, according to UpRoxx. The limit could be imposed because of a lack of ingredients to the Double Down Dog, or KFC just wants to prevent a heart attack epidemic from taking over the Philippines. We're going with the latter.

Even though we can't readily have a Double Down Dog to grease up our insides, the timing would be perfect if KFC were to launch the triple-D in Montreal this week, as it would coincide with Montreal's Steamy Week. Oh well, we'll just have to make due with out non-fried chicken buns. Maybe that's for the best.