The Downfall Of Being A Beautiful Woman In Montreal

There's always a price to pay.
The Downfall Of Being A Beautiful Woman In Montreal

It's no secret that Montreal is home to a LOT of gorgeous women. After all, we are ranked #8 for most beautiful women in the world. Is it a good thing? Of course, but!

Remember, last month, I wrote an article about Montreal women who succeeded in their careers because of their work ethic and not their beauty? That post got a bunch of negative feedback saying these girls have it easy, because they're gorgeous and their lives are pure bliss. I'd have to disagree with the previous statement. Yes, beauty certainly has its perks, but physical assets do not equal nor guarantee an easy life.

There's another side to to the coin most people tend to not take into consideration. Being "pretty" is challenging in a variety of ways. Are you rolling your eyes right now? Let me explain what I mean.


Female hiring managers pass your candidature over for jobs, coworkers don't take you seriously, bosses casually hit on you... all this is a reality that I see on a regular basis. Beautiful women need to work twice as hard to prove that they're more than just looks. Everyday is a battle.

I'm not complaining, this is not a call for help, don't get me wrong. It's simply a depiction of our society. I remember applying for accounting office jobs and purposely wearing glasses, tying my hair in a pony tail and wearing no makeup to the interviews in order to "look more professional." It worked.


Friendships are not easy. Women are very competitive and feel threatened by someone who's physically more attractive. Some people will "use" you for your looks. Let's face it: pretty women in Montreal (and anywhere else in the world for that matter) get free things, can enter clubs/bars without waiting in line, get attention, etc. Some people will want to be your "friend" just for that. As a result, it's not easy to tell what's real and what's not.


In our society, physical beauty is equated to being dumb. Think about it. Let's say you need to hire an engineer and you receive two photos of potential candidates: a Jessica Simpson lookalike and an average looking woman. You can't help but think that the blonde bombshell is not qualified for the position, admit it. An engineer can't look "hot", right? Wrong!

When I was a McGill university student, our statistics professor decided to call out our names one by one to hand us back our exams. When he got to my name, he said, "We have the highest grade in class here, good job Irina Terehova." When I got up to get my paper, he went, "You? Did you cheat or something?" He expected that person to look differently. Funny, yes, we laughed about it. Nevertheless, this perfectly portrays the stereotype Montreal women have to live with every day.


People literally resent you for your physical appearance. They will be mean to you on purpose. You will get attitude, bad service and hateful looks from both men and women. Yes, there are some people who will look beyond the physical and treat you like a human being, but there are also those who won't. Deal with it.


Most men assume that beautiful women are out of their league and don't even bother pursuing them. In addition, physical beauty often attracts the wrong type of people. The kind that are ruled by superficial and materialistic things. Weeding out the bad from the good can get really challenging.

Everyday life

People will catcall you, scream out from their cars, whistle, bark, etc. You will meet weirdos who casually follow you home, stalkers who have your phone number and creeps that message you on Facebook. It's all fun and games until you actually think about dialing 9-1-1 because you legitimately start to worry about your life.

As cheesy as it sounds, never judge a book by its cover, be nice to everyone and treat people with the same respect you want them to treat you.

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