The Drama Between Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Tearing The Royal Family Apart

Trouble is brewing under the shiny and perfect exterior.
The Drama Between Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Tearing The Royal Family Apart

It seems like it was only weeks ago that a newly pregnant and glowing Meghan and hubby Harry happily jet off on their first Royal tour in Australia.  

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The Drama Between Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Tearing The Royal Family Apart

TL;DR Since Meghan and Harry's return from their Royal Tour in Australia, an unprecedented amount of rumors and drama has dominated reports on the Royal Family. Here is a quick and easily digestible summary of what is actually going down at Kensington Palace. 

At this time, the biggest news to hit Kensington Palace was Meghan Markle's pregnancy.

This news brought a great deal of joy and happiness to the British Royal family, and for a time, it seemed like everything was good. Not just good, but great!

The Royal couple then returned from Australia. 

At unprecedented speeds, things quickly began to sour, even by Royal Family standards; they are not new to drama.

Savage rumorsbeganleakingout of Kensington Palace like a broken faucet. To us, the public, it appeared as though overnight, no one was getting along in that damn palace. Jet lag perphaps?

The gist of it: the royal couples, Meghan and Harry and Prince William and Kate Middleton, bottom line, are not getting along.

All this started brewing back in mid-November when tabloid The Sun reported that certain staff members suddenly quit working at the Royal palace.

Working in a palace seems like a pretty good deal to me, which begs the question, how bad can the environment really be if staff members were so motivated to leave?

The Royal family sure looks perfectly happy in this photo from Prince Charle's 70th birthday party, which was uploaded to Kensington Palace's Instagram on November 13th, but was probably taken weeks if not months before that date.

If social media teaches us one thing, it's is that shiny packaging can be decieving

The Daily Mail – the holy grail of British drama  published another juicy piece claiming that Meghan Markle's west-coast style work ethic is rubbing everyone the wrong way at Kensington Palace. The horror!

This all builds up to a dramatic breaking point. Drum roll please. 

The Sun broke stratling news that Meghan and Harry will be moving out of the Royal palace to a cottage in nearby Windsor.

Reportedly, the tension between the brothers has escalated to the point where they can no longer live under the same roof. Which makes me scartch my chin and ask myself "don't they live in a freaking palace?!" 

Then, another report comes swooping in claiming tension between the brothers is actually caused by the fact that their just wives don't get along.  

The internet breaks.

Countless scandalous reports stream out of the media-sphere claiming the Royal women are fighting. 

Honestly at this point I was to grab my computer, shake it and scream "why can't we all get along?!"

If all these rumors are true, I think the Royals need some group and family therapy sessions stat. 

In the end, some people are saying that there is no actual hostility between  Meghan and Kate, they're just not particularly close.

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That said, one thing is clear: the juiciness and magnitude of these rumors is at an all time high.

This has prompted Kensington Palace to believe one of their staff is a mole and leaking sensitive information to the press.

Prince Harry is reportedly on a unwavering mission to uncover this mole and stop the Royal drama once and for all. 

On one side, I do hope the drama slows down because this must be difficult on pregnant Meghan and post-pregnant Kate.

On the other hand, my instant gratification-seeking millennial brain really hopes it that it doesn't stop, at least before Christmas, because everyone deserves a drama-free and happy holiday.