The Easiest Montreal Summer Guide

For a happy and carefree summer 2017.
The Easiest Montreal Summer Guide

I'm sure, at this stage in the game, we all know that summer in Montreal means one thing: a whole lot of fun!

We've all been waiting for the sun to come out and the snow to melt, and now that it finally has, you might be going a million miles a minute trying to plan a whole bunch of extravagant summer activities.

And that's totally cool! It's your summer, friend. Enjoy it.

But it's also super key to remember to do the super simple, carefree, and awesome stuff that makes summer in Montreal so memorable. 

Don't even know where to begin? Well, don't worry. That's what I'm here for.

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Pack a "potluck picnic" and enjoy it near the water in Park Lafontaine.

Honestly, the hot summer days in Montreal are basically made for picnics. Grab some friends, grab some food and don't forget your favourite drink. This summer, try 7UP® Lemon Lemon™ sparkling lemonade so you can stay refreshed and cool while you're living your best summer life.

What on this earth could be better than enjoying a delicious meal, and a refreshingly cool drink, in the grass, with friends, by a stream of water? Absolutely nothing, friends. Absolutely nothing.

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Grab your friends and take a stroll through the Atwater Market. 

Discovering (or re-discovering) Montreal's public markets is a great way to have an effortlessly good time this summer in the city!

Taking a stroll through St. Henri's Atwater Market is pretty much the perfect idea for a simple, fun outing. Explore the delicious restaurants and artisan shops in the market; grab some ice cream; cop some fresh produce; or simply absorb the good vibes with your friends.

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Bask in the beautiful summer vibes by taking a jog through the Mile-Ex's Jarry Park.

Honestly, Jarry Park is gorgeous. It's huge; it's got a gazebo and a fountain; and there are walking, jogging, and biking paths for legit miles.

You can truly enjoy a summer day and take advantage of the sunshine by going for a casual stroll through the park.

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Enjoy the great outdoors, and some great company, by hosting a barbecue.

Seriously, guys, all it takes is some good food and good drinks to bring all of your favourite people together.

Picture yourself with all your good friends, chilling and sharing some good memories, good food, and some seriously good drinks.

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Get your friends together and discover Montreal's "downtown beach", Village au Pied-du-Courant.

This huge beach is located right under the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, making it the perfect spot to chill with all your friends and truly appreciate those carefree summer days.

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Gather a group and go play some "beach volleyball" right in the heart of the city.

Summer isn't super long in Montreal, but when it hits, we want to have as much fun as we possibly can... Which is exactly why the volleyball station in the Plateau's Parc Jeanne-Mance is so awesome!

It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to have an incredibly good time at the Plateau spot. For extra good vibes, pack some food and your favourite sparkling lemonade, and make a whole day out of it!

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Grab your friends and go for a bike ride along Montreal's Lachine Canal.

IMO, life is pretty much all about sharing the simple moments with your favourite people. And there's nothing better than grabbing your friends, your bikes, and taking a casual ride along Montreal's Lachine Canal!

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Climb to the top of Mount-Royal, and enjoy the gorgeous summer view of Montreal.

Seriously, the best place to overlook the whole entire city is at the very top of Mont-Royal; and the best time to do it? Right in the middle of the summer.

So grab your friends, get to the top of the mountain, and bask in the simple glories of Montreal. Because at the end of the day, it's those simple moments that make the best memories.

But no matter what you decide to do to make your summer effortlessly fun, make sure you do it with a can of sparkling Lemon Lemon in hand. It'll keep you super refreshed all summer, so you can truly enjoy all the carefree memories you plan to make!

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