The End Of Montreal's BIXI Is This Saturday

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The End Of Montreal's BIXI Is This Saturday

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One of the many symbolic "dawns of winter" in Montreal (aside from the first snowfall and -20 windchill) is the end of the BIXI season, which is the city's way of saying "stop biking around now because it's too cold." You can still bike around on your BIXI for a few days though, as the official end of the BIXI season in Montreal will be this Saturday, reports TVA.

BIXI's official end-of-the-season-statement points out that you can still take out a bike on Saturday, November 15th, but you must bring your rent-a-cycle back by 11:59pm. Once you head into midnight territory you run the risk of late fees, as it technically will be November 16th.

The end of the BIXI season also coincides with the closures of certain bike paths in Montreal. To allow city officials to do all of their closing prep, certain BIXI stations will be removed a bit earlier on November 12th. The following stations will be effected:.

  • Milton / University
  • Milton / Durocher
  • Milton / du Parc
  • Boyer / Mont-Royal
  • Boyer / Bélanger
  • Boyer / Jarry
  • Boyer / Jean-Talon
  • Boyer / Rosemont
  • Boyer / Beaubien
  • 3e avenue / Dandurand
  • Métro Pie-IX
  • 30e avenue / St-Zotique
  • 30e avenue / Beaubien
  • St-André / de Bellechasse

Ride your BIXI while you can, as this may be the final year Montreal uses the bike-sharing service, as there was a serious drop in membership this year. No official statement by Denis Coderre or any city official has been made as to whether BIXI will be removed or not, though they're probably waiting on numbers/profits on this season before giving BIXI the boot.

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