The Fairmount Bagel Twitter Account Is A Complete Fake

The truth behind the best bagel-centric twitter account.
The Fairmount Bagel Twitter Account Is A Complete Fake

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Only a few short weeks ago, the Montreal Twitter-verse was graced with a new presence, one who was witty, edgy, and full of Kanye-esque overconfidence. Surprisingly, this new Twitter personality came in the form of Montreal's 2nd most popular bagel shop, Fairmount Bagels, who went on to ignite what has been called the #MTLBagelWar. The only thing is, the whole thing was an elaborate prank.

Prank is maybe a harsh word, as it was more of just a young twenty-nothing having fun on the interwebs, inspired by simple boredom. That's pretty much how the creator of the @Fairmountbagel account puts it, revealed to be a young guy named Joe (now going by the moniker MTLBagelBoy), who has recounted the whole affair in his own online tell-all.

A sucker for an underdog, Joe thought he could make Fairmount bagel's popularity skyrocket, and planned to do so in true millennial fashion, that is being a troll on the internet, and so he did. Creating an online-persona described by Joe as "the Jay-Z of bagels," the Fairmount Bagel twitter account was born, and we loved it.

Once news broke that Fairmount Bagel was sending out hilariously strange tweets, a lot of which poked fun at St. Viateur just down the road, Montreal social media went nuts. In just three days, the faux-Fairmount twitter account gained more followers than St. Viateaur's, who had been on Twitter for 3 years, with the original Eater article getting an impressive +3000 shares on Facebook.

A little sassy and always clever, every tweet coming out of Fairmount was as masterfully crafted as any bagel, and while there was some public backlash (notably from a French journalist playing the role of OQLF), everyone was totally into the new found East-side/West-side-ish bagel war. But, with all good things, the fun couldn't last forever.

After trying to reach out to the real operators of Fairmount on Facebook (see the message below), Joe was politely rebuffed, and they asked for a public apology and the shutting down of the account. Joe didn't budge, but eventually,the real Fairmount folks got in touch with Twitter and had the account suspended, and so ended the saga.

Joe doesn't seem too remorseful about the whole affair, and in truth, we don't think he should. The gent managed to transform the bagel-underdog into an online force for hilarity, making Fairmount bagel interesting to modern young audiences. Entertainment is a hard commodity to produce, and Fairmount was always entertaining, and for that fact alone, we applaud Joe's service to the public.

Be sure to read the full rundown of events on the #MTLBagelWar by reading Joe's full story here.

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