The "Fairytale Castle" Less Than 3 Hours From Montreal You Have To Go To

When we were children we all dreamed of fairytales. We grew up watching Disney princesses finding their happily ever afters, and after that we were hooked. All of our dreams for the future involved finding a Prince Charming and living happily ever after in a giant castle with turrets and birds that helped us get dressed in the morning.

Whether you loved Belle, Ariel, Snow White or Mulan your dreams of becoming a princess were most likely modelled after one the main Disney Princesses. Having a princess to model your dream life after makes it all that more attainable. And if you're looking for that perfect castle for you and your prince to live your happily ever after in, then look no further!

Boldt Castle is a magical castle located just 2 hours and 44 minutes from Montreal and will most definitely fulfill your fairytale dreams.

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The castle is located on the St Lawrence River's 1000 Islands, owned by the city of Alexandria, NY. It is open to visitors all year round and can be accessed by boat or by car. 

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The castle was built by the millionaire hotel entrepreneur, George C. Boldt for his wife Louise Boldt. The castle was meant to be their new home but she passed away before he could complete it. Once she passed away he stopped all construction of the castle and left the property vacant and half-completed for over 70 years!

I could live here.

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