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The "Fall Festival" Near Montreal You Must Visit This Month

Chairlift rides, hiking tours, wine tasting and more!
The "Fall Festival" Near Montreal You Must Visit This Month

It's a gorgeous time to be outside right now. The weather is warm and beautiful and in a week or so the leaves are going to changing into stunning reds, yellows and oranges that are literally going to take our breath away every time we walk out the door! 

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I know we're all looking forward to this time because that means crisp fall air, wearing cozy sweaters every day, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes instead of our regular iced coffees and so much more. 

All those things scream fall and the best way to embrace the coming Autumn season is a fall festival! 

via @montsutton

Mont Sutton hosts an annual fall festival to celebrate all the beautiful foliage that takes over their hills! This year the festival is taking place starting tomorrow, Saturday, September 16th until October 15th! This festival is located just 1 hour 25 mins from Montreal.

via @montsutton

They have a full schedule of activities for every day for 5 weeks straight filled with tons of super fun fall things!

Ride the chairlift for up-close views of the stunning foliage, take a guided hike through the trails, taste regional wines, take a mountain biking tour, enjoy live outdoor concerts, take yoga hikes up the mountain, experience a BBQ and so much more! 

The best part about this festival? Admission is completely free! Chairlift rides and access to the hiking trails carry a small fee but you can enjoy everything else with zero cost. 

Check out theirwebsite for the full schedule and more information. 

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