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The Famous Omnivore World Tour Is Coming To Montreal

A must-attend event for all foodies.
The Famous Omnivore World Tour Is Coming To Montreal

For 4 years now, the Omnivore World Tour has had somewhat of a love affair with Montreal. And this isn't just some regular old food fest where a bunch of trucks park near each other to serve you different kinds of poutine, this food fest is all about bringing you the ultimate culinary experience.

Over 20 chefs, pastry masters, bartenders and brewers will be here to introduce you to the newest haute-cuisine trends.

The festival includes:

18 professional culinary demonstrations

These will be taking place Saturday August 22nd and Sunday Augusts 23rd.

Click here for the full list of demos.

3 Special "Maudits Soupers" dinners.

One local chef will pair up with a chef from another city and merge their styles in order to create the most memorable menu possible. The dinners will be taking place on Thursday August 2oth, Sunday August 22nd and Monday August 23rd.

Click here for more information.

2 "Extra Soupers" dinners

This time 2 chef trios will team up in battle of flavor and creativity. The first trio will represent the "Jeune Cuisine" movement and the second trio will be representing the "new generation" of cuisine. The dinners take place Friday August 21st and Sunday August 23rd.

Click here to see which chefs will be participating.

And of course there's the Omnivorious Party on August 22nd which is sure to be a crazy night filled with food, music and drinks 

Check out Omnivore World Tour's website to reserve your tickets now!

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