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The First-Ever Eataly Italian Food Market In Canada Is Officially Opening This Year

Road trip anyone?
The First-Ever Eataly Italian Food Market In Canada Is Officially Opening This Year

Eataly, a huge, high-end Italian food market, has become one of the most popular food destinations in the few American cities where it has opened. With locations in Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Eataly has drawn crowds of thousands of eager shoppers. 

Now, finally, Eataly is set to open its first location in Canada. This year, the Manulife Centre in Toronto will welcome the Italian market to its expansive retail space, according to its website.

"If you have walked along Bloor Street in the last few months you will have noticed that the first Canadian location of this popular Italian restaurant and marketplace is definitely taking shape."

"There has been much anticipation over Eataly’s opening and we are excited that they will be set to open their doors in late 2019," the website reads.

In addition to its high-quality products, Eataly locations are crafted to become destinations in themselves.

Design features are meant to transport visitors to outdoor markets in the old country.

The food courts, restaurants, bars, and food vendors are also main attractions.

From bakeries, to patisseries, to vintners, to butchers, Eataly has it all.

Perhaps most importantly, there is a LOT of cheese.

Check out the Eataly U.S. website here.

Stay tuned for updates. A specific opening date is not yet posted to the Manulife Centre website.

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