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The First-Ever "Festival Friend Finder" Everyone Should Have For Osheaga

Never lose your friends at a music festival with these bad boys.
The First-Ever "Festival Friend Finder" Everyone Should Have For Osheaga

Photo Cred - Daily Mail

One majorly annoying aspect to Osheaga, or any music festival, is trying to keep track of your friends. Massive crowds make it uber-difficult to navigate anywhere on Parc Jean-Drapeau, and conflicting performances ensure your group will get split up at some point. Cellphones aren't functioning (because everyone is on 'em) leaving you alone, or worried about where the hell your drunk as hell friend is. The solution: Jägermeister's Festival Friend Finder.

A tool designed specifically for jam-packed music festivals, the Friend Finder is an electronic tag that keeps you in touch with your friends through radio waves, rather than cellphone networks. With a range of 1, 640ft, the Friend Finder will point you in the direction of your crew via beeps and flashing lights.

Right now, the Friend Finder exists solely as a prototype, but has been, and will continue to be, tested at festival in the UK, according to Daily Mail. An official cost or release date has yet to be released, but Jägermeister hopes the Friend Finder will be available to all festival goers in the near future.

It may seem like overkill to have hardware solely for finding your friends, but if you've been to Osheaga, or a simiarly large festival, you know how much of a shitshow it can be to find/re-group your friends. Osheaga should definitely offer these for daily rentals next year and make everyone enjoy the festival that much more.

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