The First-Ever "Toboggan Derby Festival" Is Tomorrow On Mount Royal

Photo cred - JumpSlideStomp

It sometimes difficult to appreciate winter's glory when, for the most part, it's kinda the worse. Yes, there are a couple of events that make the season a little more bearable, such as Fête des Neiges and Igloofest, but there is a new festival in town, and it's happening tomorrow. It promises to be good fun, and downright hilarious, not to mention completely free.

The Art Sled Rally is not only Montrealers gathering to toboggan down the slopes of Mount Royal, but doing so in some of the wildest and zaniest toboggans you will ever see.

If you didn't get a chance to design your pimp sleigh ride at the workshops put on throughout the month (where the hell have you been), not to worry, you can bring your the one you've been secretly working on in your parent's garage all these years like the rest of, or you know, just go watch for fun.

Either way, if you find yourself in the area tomorrow afternoon, go check it out, it's sure to provide some decent lols. Don't believe me? Watch the video below for proof. And head over to the website here for all the details.

The Art Sled Rally takes place tomorrow January 31 from 2-5pm @ Mount Royal.