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The Trailer For The First Quebec Netflix Movie Is Out & It Looks As Scary As Promised

It's coming out in theatres on March 13.
The Trailer For The First Quebec Netflix Movie Is Out & It Looks As Scary As Promised
  • The trailer for the first Quebec Netflix film is now available to watch online, and it looks nothing short of scary.
  • The film is called Jusqu'au Déclin, and it was written by Nicolas Krief.
  • Watch the trailer below.

In 2017, Netflix had committed to investing $500 million in the production of original content in Canada, and we were wondering whether Quebec would get its share. The following year, screenwriter Nicolas Krief had the opportunity to present his film project, Jusqu'au Déclin, which became the first Quebec feature film produced on the platform. As it approaches its release, the trailer for the first Quebec Netflix film is now online — and it promises to be scary.

While we were expecting this Quebec thriller for the first quarter of the year, it's at the very end of it, March 27, that the film will be available worldwide on the platform.

That said, for those who prefer to organize a release and go see the film before it makes its Netflix debut, it will be in theatres in Quebec as of March 13.

Whether you choose to see it in theatres or wait for it to make its way onto Netflix, it's sure to be quite the experience. To prepare yourself properly, make sure to take a peek at the trailer for Jusqu'au Déclin below!

Otherwise, it will be on Netflix as of March 27.

Until Decline (#JusquauDéclin) arrives on March 27th.

This film starring Réal Bossé, Guillaume Laurin, Marie-Évelyne Lessard, Marc-André Grondin, Marilyn Castonguay, Marc Beaupré, Guillaume Cyr, Isabelle Giroux, and Juliette Maxyme Proulx, is presented as follows:

"Anticipating a disaster, Antoine, a father, attends a survivalist training session given by Alain in his autonomous lair. In fear of a natural, economic or social crisis, the group trains to deal with the various possible apocalyptic scenarios."

"But the disaster they will experience will not be the one they had anticipated."

Thanks to the trailer, we have a good idea of what this disaster is — and I think it's easy to say it's really worthy of a nightmare.

This film, therefore, brings together all the elements that make up a truly scary story: a closed door, a man ready to do anything to preserve what he has, and a frightened group that doesn't know what to do.

And, according to the images, this film promises to be explosive and to exhibit intense situations, while also being very close to our reality.

The fear of the end of the world is very present — global warming and the ecological crisis come to mind. And survivalism has been a common practice among many groups for years.

It will be interesting to see Quebec's interpretation of such a situation.

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