The Flu Is Taking Over Montreal

It's worse than ever before.
The Flu Is Taking Over Montreal

Flu season is hitting the province hard this year, and many of Quebec's emergency rooms are literally over capacity. 

Some overcrowding is perfectly normal after the holidays, but right now things are a little nuts. 

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Some ER are operating at twice their normal capacity. Emergency rooms in Quebec city are completely full and it's not any better in Montreal. The Jewish General's emergency room, and the McGill University Health Centre are both operating beyond their maximum capacity. 

Many hospitals had to put in place emergency restrictions. Many aren't allowing sick patients to bring anyone with them to the hospital unless it's absolutely necessary 

Quebec's health ministry are asking people to avoid going to the hospital unnecessarily. They recommend that people should only go to the emergency room, if they have difficulty breathing or fever that just won't go away. 

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