This Creaky Boardwalk Canyon Trail Is 3 Hrs From Montreal & Runs Past A Rushing Waterfall

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The Flume Gorge Trail Is 3 Hrs From Montreal & Runs Past A Rushing Waterfall
  • This spring, consider taking a trip to the Flume Gorge in Lincoln, New Hampshire, only a three-hour drive from downtown Montreal.
  • An elevated wooden path takes visitors right through the deep chasm and past several waterfalls.

Despite what current weather conditions might have you believe, spring is fast approaching, and with it, opportunities for escape from what can sometimes feel like our dull urban prison. Once the thaw begins, consider adding the Flume Gorge in Lincoln, New Hampshire to your spring bucket list. The gorge, a deep chasm punctuated by cascading waterfalls, is tucked away in the White Mountains and only a three-hour drive from downtown Montreal.

A narrow, elevated (and somewhat creaky) wooden path takes visitors directly through the narrow split in the earth. The path stands precariously on the rocks below. It's not for the faint of heart.

Impressive, mossy rock walls and blowing mist from the waterfalls make the space feel like a micro-rainforest.

In fact, according to the New Hampshire State Parks website, the first settler to view the Flume Gorge, "93-year-old 'Aunt' Jess Guernsey" even "had trouble convincing her family of the marvelous" otherworldly "discovery" in 1808.

Today, the falls and chasm are one of the most popular attractions in New Hampshire. 

And though it's the highlight of a gentle two-mile hike through Franconia State Park, there are plenty of other natural features to explore, as well.

A covered bridge wedged between two high cliffs along the path offers spectacular views of a deep pool below. 

There are also two narrow caves, the Bear Cave and Wolf Den, that visitors are welcome to enter — if they dare.

The Flume Gorge trail opens for the season on May 10 and closes to the public on October 20.

Adults can access the site for $16 and the experience takes about two hours to complete.

A complete list of park rules and natural features along the trail is available on the website of New Hampshire state parks.

Flume Gorge In Lincoln, New Hampshire

Price: $16 for adults

Address: Route 3, off I-93 Exit 34A, Lincoln, NH

Why You Need To Go: To walk through a deep natural chasm and past a series of waterfalls for some pretty remarkable springtime views.

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