The French Toast Poutine Is The Brunch Dish You Didn't Know Was Missing In Your Life

Photo cred - thisiswhyyourefat

When French Toast meets the most popular of French Canadian dishes, everybody wins, save maybe our waistlines. Prepare your minds and taste buds for a new type of poutine, one that's made for the morning but is decadent enough to be eaten anytime of the day, even for dessert. This is the French Toast Poutine.

Two iconic dishes are mashed together in this maple syrupy poutine, originally posted to ThisIsWhyYourFat, which is just so fitting for food of this nature. Slices of French Toast house what looks to be a standard poutine, both drenched in (what we hope) is a combo of pure maple syrup and gravy. It's probably just syrup, but we can dream.

Utterly over the top, we can't even fathom what this dish would taste like, or if it would even be tasty. To be fair, though, any dish doused with enough maple syrup that also features fried goods has to be good, in taste that is, not in nutrition. Here's hoping we see a variation of this bad boy on the menu of one of Montreal's many brunch resto's, because while it looks like way too much, you know you'd order the French Toast Poutine if you could.

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