The "Frozen Pants" Challenge Is A Brand New Winter Trend And The Most Hilarious Thing On The Internet Right Now (Photos & Videos)

There is never a time in the world of social media when a new viral trend isn't captivating millions. You probably remember the ice bucket challenge, and the cinnamon challenge from years ago, and you can defintiely not forget the more recent bottle flipping challenge.

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TL;DR The new viral "Frozen Pants" challenge has taken over Instagram with hilarious videos and photos of people attempting to land their frozen pants on its feet! Photos and details below.

But what about the frozen pants challenge?

This is a new one that just recently began thanks to the Polar Vortex that basically froze over most of Canada and the midwestern States in America. Needless to say, when it's cold out and everything is cancelled, boredom takes the best of you and comes up with the most ridiculous (and hilarious) challenge to pass the time.

If you're not familiar with the challenge, the only rules are having a pair of pants that are seemingly wet, throwing them in the air outside in an attempt to have them freeze and land perfectly on their feet.

As you can probably expect, hilarity ensures.

Quite a few people have already participated in the challenge, which has now become a worldwide trend.

And if you haven't seen it in action already, just take a look at all the Instagram videos of the frozen pants challenge below:

Even law enforcement seems to be having a little fun.

Ok, that one is just creepy...

@oilyinminnesotaembedded via  

Will you be participating in the new Instagram challenge?  To check out even more videos of the challenge, click HERE.