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The Future Transformation Of Montreal's STM Metro Lines

Brace yourself, changes are coming!
The Future Transformation Of Montreal's STM Metro Lines

There's a very interesting Summit taking place in Montreal in May 2017. One that revolves entirely around public transport.

As you may have noticed from the all the angry Facebook posts you friends make about the STM, I think it's obvious that Montreal's public transportation system is less than perfect.

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But it turns out it's not so bad after all, we were actually chosen as the host city because of how great our system is. (Guess we can't complain anymore.)

They will be showcasing all the latest solutions, innovations and products related to public transport right here in our city, and with that in mind, the official Twitter account of the UITP Summit just tweeted out this interesting map of what Montreal's public transportation system could look in the future.

"Montréal is the object of big transformations, UITP Summit is a unique opportunity to be inspired by worldwide examples" Daniel Bergeron

— UITP Summit 2017 (@uitpsummit) December 12, 2016

The goal is to connect as many areas as possible using various means of transportation, and hopefully Montreal will get inspired.

Or as the tweet so eloquently puts it:

Daniel Bergeron

Check out the UITP Summit's website for more information.

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