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The GIANT Maze Near Montreal You Need To Check Out This Summer

An adventure to go on with your friends.
The GIANT Maze Near Montreal You Need To Check Out This Summer

It's time to get excited Montreal, because we have the ultimate summer day trip lined up for you.

Have you ever seen those gigantic labyrinths in the movies and thought to yourself: "I could escape that, no problem."

Well now's your chance to put your survival skills to the test by losing yourself in a massive corn maze.

Less than half an hour drive from Montreal you'll find Le Verger Labonté. Not only do they have apple picking, they also have treasure hunts, pumpkin picking in the fall, outdoor games, picnics and of course labyrinths.

Don't feel like getting lost all day? Luckily the orchard has 3 different sizes and difficulties of labyrinths.

  • There's the small fenced-in maze for the younger crowd, where adventurers hunt for lost objects.
  • The medium maze offers a slightly tougher challenge and lasts about 20 minutes.
  • The final and largest maze is toughest challenge of all and can take up to 90 minutes to complete.

The layouts vary every year, so you never know what they'll have in store for us this year. Here are some of the layouts we've seen in the past.

The giant horse face.

Photo cred - quebecvacances

The Butterfly.

The shining ... woops, how'd that get there?

The maze is open from August 5th to October 21st and the 2016 layout will be announced in May. Click here for more info.

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