The Glamorous Life Of Montreal's 18 Year Old Auto Racing Prodigy: Lance Stroll (12 Photos)

For those of you who don't know, Lance Stroll - son of my brand new life idol, Lawrence Stroll - is the world's youngest F1 driver.

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He's 18 years old and from Montreal... oh, and he's being called a legit prodigy. Racing is his thing, and it's something he clearly does very, very well.

Not only is he quite possibly one of the F1 best racers of our time, but he also happens to live a very interesting and awesome life.

And if you're curious for a little glimpse into the man who just might "return Canada to F1 glory", according to the Globe and Mail, then I've got your back.

Yes, that's a yacht. Heart eyes, guys.

Post workout cool down

A video posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on


Hard for the view in Greece not to catch your eye

A photo posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on

Yes, Lance, slayy!

A photo posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on

Harley from Epic Meal Time + Lance Stroll? Alll the yassses.

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Nm, just casually helicoptering above the city.

I wanna get away. I wanna fly away

A photo posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on

Vacation goals, TBH.

Pure bliss

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Look how clear that water is, you guys!

Corfu got the better of us @elisabeth.rioux

A photo posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on

When you win... x3.

Speechless.. Victory in all 3 races, couldn't think of a better way to end the season. It was absolutely an amazing year! @prema_team @fiaf3europe

A photo posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on

He's in Ibiza here. Life goals.

A bit of holiday with the gang

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Pleasure meeting you Jack #legend

A photo posted by Lance Stroll (@lance_stroll) on

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