The GLOW PARTY This Friday: All You Need To Know

Ready To Glow Yo?

The time is almost upon us. The biggest glow party in months is gearing up to blow the roof off of Cabaret Underworld (1403 Rue Ste-Élisabeth), so prepare your GLOW face. A stellar line-up consisting of Royalty: the groove-tastic house duo, Thomas Von Party: a pulse building sound master, and Beat Market: electro aliens ready to abduct your sorrows. With a set of that magnitude, along with the prep and organizing we have gone through to put on this euphoric spectacle, you Don't want to miss out. Prepare yourself and join us, the MTL Blog team for a night the city will be buzzing about ....Until our next party ;)


What to wear:

  • Party clothes your willing to part with. (We don't want to see our sexy glow girls ruin your blazer)
  • Anything Neon or white will pop with the wall to wall black lights. (Keep in mind while you're getting dirty)
  • Glow gear will be provided but everyone will notice custom light ups, don't hesitate to bring some cool rave gear.
  • Guys, tank tops and shorts are a good idea to aid in staying cool once things get hot.
  • Ladies, lets see your booty....shorts. Skin tight neon tights are always a good idea. Low cut shirts are recommended as well. We know you know how to turn heads ;)
  • Don't bother with nice shoes, guys wear some comfortable sneakers that your comfortable moving in. Girls dig out those old comfortable dancing heels or some slim fun flats.
  • Face paint will pull together any glow uniform. (Paint face after shots)

What to do before:

  • Obviously drink in some way or another. 
  • Get together with your crew. draw stuff on each other in neon markers, it's less awkward if everyone is doing it.
  • Play drinking games with dice or cards.
  • Grab a forty and take to the streets. (It is not legal to drink in public so technically we are not aloud to tell you to DRINK the beer in public....)
  • Get some black light bulbs for your pre apt party. Should get you in the mood for a raving night.
  • CAUTION: There WILL be high volumes of alcohol at the party so do NOT over do it before you attend.

How to act:

When you attend this highly anticipated glow party, the most important thing we want you to know is: Be sure to have fun in any way you see fit. How we want you to act: however you want. Get weird, drink too much, meet new people, and most importantly:

Event details:

  • Doors open at 10pm
  • 5$ before 11pm, 10$ after
  • MOJO, Vitaminwater, Hype & Diplomat girls reserve you lot's of surprises! ;)
  • First come, first serve. There are NO GUESTLISTS. Come early!

A taste of the  nights entertainment:


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