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The Gnocchi Poutine You Would Sell Your Soul For

A match made in foodie heaven.
The Gnocchi Poutine You Would Sell Your Soul For

Poutine customization has no limits. You can add different cheeses or gravies, you can throw random meats on top, or if you're feeling particularly daring you can try to replace the fries all together.

In the past I've seen the french fries get replaced by:

Waffles, Tater-Tots, Baked Potatoes, R2D2 (Yes, R2D2) and even Ramen nNoodles.

But this time the fries have been replaced by something I never would have thought of using. I'm talking of course about gnocchi. Delicious, delicious gnocchi.

Photo cred - bourbonnatrixcooks

And why would you ever want to top your gnocchi with pasta sauce when you can drown it in a sea of cheese curds and gravy. This one also happens to be topped by with a short-rib ragu, but you can top yours with chicken, bacon, sausage or anything else your little hungry heart desires.

This recipe requires a lot of steps but if you're crazy enough to try it, here's how.

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