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The Government Confirms That Legal Marijuana Is Way More Expensive Than Illegal Product And The Black Market Is Still Thriving In Canada

On October 17th, 2018, the Government of Canada legalized the production and sale of cannabis for non-medical purposes. Since then, the government has been slowly compiling all kinds of data and insights on the individual purchasing habits of cannabis consumers across the country.

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TL;DR  Statistics Canada just released some interesting new insights about the consumption of weed in stores and online since October 17th that help answer some of the common questions Canadians may have about individual weed consumption.

Considering this was a big moment for Canada and Canadians, this is most definitely a hot topic of conversation among Canadians everywhere.

Who's actually buying it? Did you try it? How much was it? These are all questions Canadians are asking themselves and their friends around the country.

Based on a sample study, StatsCannabis — a division of Statistics Canada — just released some interesting new insights about the consumption of weed in stores and online since October 17th that help answer some of these common questions.

Youcan drop these interesting facts at the next cocktail party when the topic of weed legalization comes up.

First off, the average quantity purchased from legal suppliers was 8.3 grams.

When looking at the difference between what people purchased in store and online, we can see a HUGE disparity. 

In short, when people are shopping online, they are buying way more weed.

Respondents to StatsCannabis indicated they purchased an average of 4.7 grams when buying in store, and an average of 9.1 grams when purchasing via mail delivery online. 

Now, when it comes to purchasing weed illegally, it's still happening, and according to this sample study, in large quantities.

The average quantity purchased from illegal suppliers was 17.2 grams, that's more than double the amount of cannabis purchased through legal methods (8.3 grams).

Moreover, "from October 17 to December 31, the average price paid for dried cannabis from legal suppliers ($9.70) was higher than the price paid for dried cannabis purchased from illegal suppliers ($6.51)."

Perhaps because one gram of legal product is about three dollars more expensive than illegal weed, "roughly" only "half of [respondents] purchased cannabis from a legal supplier."

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Now lets look at who's actually buying the weed.

Men are actually more likely to purchase cannabis from a legal supplier than women, with 49.8% of men purchasing from legal producers compared with only 41.6% of women.

Unsurprisingly, males were also found to purchase in larger quantities overall, from both legal and illegal sources.

Since legalization, 23 of 300 respondents (7.7%) reported purchasing cannabis for the first time. In other words, legalization has prompted some people to buy weed for the first time, legally and illegally.

These are super interesting insights, but keep in mind they're based on a sample study, and StatsCannabis is continuing to collect more insights as the months since legalization pass. 

More weed news to come!


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