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The Government Has Been Secretly Preparing For Nuclear Fallout In Canada

The government is prepared for the worst to happen.
The Government Has Been Secretly Preparing For Nuclear Fallout In Canada

It's always seemed as if we've been totally detached from the tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

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TL;DR The Canadian Government has been preparing for a nuclear weapon test from North Korea that could bring serious levels of radioactive material to the country. Below are more details on how Canada is preparing for such an event.

While we're already aware that Americans fear possible nuclear retalitation from North Korea, us Canadians have typically felt pretty safe and untouched by a threat of that magnitutde.

Well, Canada, now is the time to reconsider that possibility. According to information gathered by the Canadian Press, the government has been preparing for testing by North Korea that could bring nuclear particles to Canada.

Theradioactive material should be below any levels that would cause alarm, according to the Huffington Post. Even the suggestion of radiation, however, is enough to lead to a public panic.

Nevertheless, the government has a thorough plan to deal with radiation in the short and long term. This isn't just something that'll be on the news once and then quickly forgotten by the country, either. Health officials will have to inspect the continuing threat to food in the country.

In terms of how bad the radiation would actually get in Canada, it all depends on the magnitude of the bomb and where it goes off. Weather would also affect radiation scope. Wind storms, for example, could spread fallout over a huge area.

But if and when radiation does reach Canada, the government has a comprehensive plan.

A team of almost two dozen agencies would collaborate to manage the situation.

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Public Safety would make all necessary announcements while the Canadian Food Inspection Agency monitors food safety. The safety of Canadians abroad in countries that are perhaps more affected by any fallout would also be taken into account.

Needless to say, the country takes the possibility of a nuclear event or fallout extremely seriously.

Stay tuned for more information on North Korea's plans of nuclear weapon testing.


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